What I'm Doing Now

I'm currently drafting a new book about completing important projects under conditions of variability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The style is very different from my previous work.

I also have books on single-founder entrepreneurship and creativity/problem-solving in the research phase, which I'll pick up after finishing my current work-in-progress.

I'm currently open to a very limited number of consulting engagements. If you're starting a new business or working on a large project with a significant degree of ambiguity and uncertainty, I'd be happy to advise. Use this link to schedule a call.

In order to focus on my current projects, I'm not taking on public speaking engagements, and I'm limiting business travel to a few annual events.

Aside from work, I'm currently enjoying:

  • Kettlebell training and steel mace training for general strength and well-being.
  • Aikido, to improve balance, coordination, and proprioceptive skills. I'm currently 5th kyu (USAF), studying under Victor Hung Sensei, Aikido of Colorado.
  • Web application programming, so I can build a "robot army" of useful systems for my business.
  • Tabletop roleplaying games, most notably organizing a monthly Dungeons & Dragons group (I'm the DM, currently running a homebrew 5th edition campaign for five friends) and playing No Thank You Evil! with my family.

This is a "Now" page. Fun tidbit: a few years ago, Derek Sivers saw my old contact/status page, liked it, riffed on it, turned it into his own thing, and started a little movement. I liked his idea better than my own, so now my contact page has turned into a Now page. It's funny how ideas grow, shift, change, and improve over time – it's one of my favorite things about the internet.

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