Josh Kaufman

Josh Kaufman

Josh Kaufman is the bestselling author of books on business, entrepreneurship, skill acquisition, productivity, creativity, applied psychology, and practical wisdom. About Josh »

What I’m Doing Now

I'm currently working on a 10th anniversary edition of The Personal MBA, which will be available in the autumn of 2020.

I'm also spreading the word about How to Fight a Hydra, which involves having a lot of conversations on various podcasts.

Updates and Appearances

Whenever I have a significant update or make an appearance on a podcast, media, or website, I post it on this site. You can find the most recent at the top of each page.

Consulting, Speaking, and Travel Availability

In order to focus on my current projects, I'm not taking on consulting or public speaking engagements, and I'm limiting business travel to a few annual events.

Outside of Work

Aside from work, I'm currently enjoying:

  • Kettlebell training, steel mace, and jumprope training for general strength and well-being.
  • Aikido, to improve balance, coordination, and proprioceptive skills. I'm currently 4th kyu (USAF), studying under Victor Hung Sensei, Aikido of Colorado.
  • Web application programming, so I can build a "robot army" of useful systems for my business.
  • Tabletop roleplaying games, most notably organizing a monthly Dungeons & Dragons group (I'm the DM, currently running a homebrew 5th edition campaign for five friends) and playing No Thank You Evil! with my family.

This is a "Now" page. Fun tidbit: a few years ago, Derek Sivers saw my old contact/status page, liked it, riffed on it, turned it into his own thing, and started a little movement. I liked his idea better than my own, so now my contact page has turned into a Now page. It's funny how ideas grow, shift, change, and improve over time – it's one of my favorite things about the internet.

Books by Josh Kaufman

The Personal MBA

Master the Art of Business

A world-class business education in a single volume. Learn the universal principles behind every successful business, then use these ideas to make more money, get more done, and have more fun in your life and work.

The First 20 Hours

How to Learn Anything… Fast!

A practitioner’s guide to rapid skill acquisition. Accelerate your learning by deconstructing complex skills, practicing the most important elements first, and removing barriers to deliberate practice. What do you want to learn?

How to Fight a Hydra

Face Your Fears, Pursue Your Ambitions, and Become the Hero You Are Destined to Be

A story about summoning the courage to face the beast, fight the good fight, & persist long enough in your efforts to secure a lasting victory.