LAUNCH - Personal MBA Recommended Reading List, 2008 edition

I am happy to announce the publication of the 2008 edition of the Personal MBA Recommended Reading List !

What’s New in the 2008 Edition:

  • 28 new books. This update reflects a year of intensive research to make the Personal MBA as comprehensive and complete as possible. I’m confident that the 77 books featured on this list are the very best business books currently available.

  • 2 updated editions. Making Things Happen by Scott Berkun (previously The Art of Project Management) and Bankable Business Plans by Edward Rogoff deliver even greater educational value with updated content.

  • 2 revivals of previous books. Getting Things Done and The Essential Drucker re-join the list after a year hiatus, based on feedback from Personal MBA readers.

  • A new design. The updated 2-column format keeps the focus on the content while providing easy access to other features and categories.

  • A new category structure. The revised categories have been designed to make it as easy as possible to find exactly the book you need.

  • A brand new category: Personal Finance. If you’re interested in business, chances are you’re interested in accumulating wealth. The books in the Personal Finance category will help you save, manage, and invest your income.

  • 2 “supplemental" categories. The Business History and Business Reference categories feature a variety of interesting resources, but all of the books in each category aren’t necessarily right for all readers. The introduction of supplemental categories allows fantastic books to be highlighted for certain types of readers without inflating the “core" list.

  • New tools to build your business library. Alongside the Complete Business Library (formerly the “Personal MBA Motherlode"), which you can use to purchase the entire list at once from, a new Batch Book Buyer tool has been created to help you select only the books you want to buy.

The Batch Book Buyer comes in very handy if you want to own all of the books on the Personal MBA Recommended Reading List , but don’t want to re-purchase books you already own.

Explore the New Personal MBA Reading List!

I’ll be talking more about the changes and updates in future posts. To get started reading the new list, check out the updated Personal MBA Manifesto or jump straight into the Personal MBA Recommended Reading List. Enjoy!

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Published: July 24, 2008Last updated: July 24, 2008

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