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I'm proud to offer the most comprehensive business training available. My business fundamental courses will help you understand how ALL businesses, large and small, actually work.

The Personal MBA Masterclass: In-Depth Business Training

I'm proud to offer my flagship 4-day Personal MBA Masterclass in partnership with These cover the fundamentals of all businesses, industries, and markets, large and small.

Topics covered in Part 1 include:

  • Creating valuable products, services, and other offers
  • Marketing and attracting attention
  • Selling and negotiating
  • Delivering value and customer service
  • Using financial concepts to ensure you're profitable and making good business decisions

Topics covered in Part 2 include:

  • Rapid learning and skill acquisition
  • Fundamentals of human psychology
  • Personal productivity
  • Management and leadership
  • Building, maintaining, and improving systems

Here are a few reviews from students who took these courses:

"Josh has a wonderfully comfortable communication style and uses real-world examples to breakdown very complex ideas in a clean, crisp format. He is an excellent public speaker and delivers much more than expected."
"I wasn't sure whether I had the time to do this class for two days and if it would be worth it as I'm developing a startup. Josh has continued to surprise me and give me information that if only one of them had occurred I would have been ecstatic with the class. Too many thoughts going through my head right now! Thank you Josh. In layman's terms: GET THIS COURSE."

The Personal MBA Course on CreativeLive

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Did you know both of my books are available as audiobooks? Think of them as very inexpensive course versions of the book. They're perennial bestsellers on, and The Personal MBA was recently honored at the Audie Awards, the "Grammys" of the audiobook industry.

Even better: you can get one of my audiobooks for free if you don't yet subscribe to Audible. Click here for details.

The Personal MBA

Master the Art of Business

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The First 20 Hours

How to Learn Anything… Fast!

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