Garbage In, Garbage Out

“I don’t eat junk food, and I don’t think junk thoughts."

Mildred Lisette Norman

The quality of the input you use always has an impact on the quality of the output.

  • If you build an object from poor quality materials, that object will be unattractive and unreliable.
  • If you analyze poor quality data, the resulting analysis will be worthless at best, and at worst misleading or damaging.
  • If you eat a lot of junk food and don’t move around much, you’ll feel apathetic instead of energetic.
  • If the people working on a project aren’t skilled or excited, the end result will inevitably suffer.

The solution is straightforward: if you don’t want garbage when you’re done, don’t use garbage when you begin. To improve your results, improve the quality of what you start with.

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Published: July 27, 2009Last updated: July 27, 2009

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