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Every day, I receive many requests concerning my availability for consulting, interviews, and new projects. In the interest of saving time, here's my current status and capacity.


I have very young children at home. As a result, I am unavailable for travel, interviews, media, speaking, consulting, book reviews, and new speculative projects.

I'm curtailing my interview availability, have no capacity to examine book galleys for reviews and blurbs, and my guest post docket is full.

Publishing on this site will continue sporadically as time and energy permit.

Re: Partnership Requests and Speculative Projects

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to pass. I'm forcing myself to turn down new opportunities so I can stay focused on my research and publishing projects. I'm honored that many people want to do business with me, but my capacity is limited for the foreseeable future. Thanks for thinking of me.

Re: Speaking Engagements

In general, I avoid travel as much as possible. I have young children at home, and my wife runs a business as well, so travel is very disruptive for all of us. Thanks for thinking of me, and I hope you have a great event.

Re: Feedback on Business Ideas

I do not provide personalized business advice at this time. Understanding your business, industry, and personal objectives well enough to provide useful advice isn't a five minute endeavor, and I have more requests than it's possible to accommodate. In the interest of preserving capacity for research and publishing, I'm not able to provide individual feedback on your business or idea. Thanks for understanding.

Re: Blurbs, Recommendations, and Endorsements

I only mention or recommend resources I've personally used. If you have a resource you think I'd find interesting, send me the link via Twitter, and I'll check it out as capacity permits. No need to follow up.

Re: Book Review Requests

In general, I enjoy receiving new books to review, but I'm unable to guarantee your book will be reviewed. If you have a book you'd like me to look at, there's no need to contact me first. Send a print copy here:

Josh Kaufman
Worldly Wisdom Ventures LLC
305 W. Magnolia Street #115
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Books and resources provided will not be returned, and become the property of Worldly Wisdom Ventures LLC. To maintain editorial integrity and prevent conflicts of interest, all reviews are non-paid and are provided only when a particular work would be of interest to my readers.

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