Need more time to read? Get rid of your TV.

One of the most common questions people ask me is: “how do you find time to read all of these books, work on new projects, and maintain this site when you have a full-time job?"

My answer is simple. I don’t watch TV.

When we moved to New York City in January, my wife and I decided not to bring our TV. This simple decision saved us a very significant amount of time, money, and space in our small Manhattan apartment. As a direct result, we spend more time together, read more, and accomplish our personal projects more quickly.

If I spent my time watching TV instead of working on the Personal MBA, you’d still be waiting for the new recommended reading list !

Just like traditional MBA programs, the biggest cost of TV consumption is not the expense (although it’s significant )… it’s the opportunity cost of time that could be put to better use: investing in your skills, working on projects that are important to you, and enjoying the company of other people.

Here’s a recommendation: commit to 30 days of a TV-free life. Pay attention to how much unstructured time you have, and find ways to use that time as constructively as possible. Read a good book , take a class, exercise, write, or spend time with friends. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done and how much better you feel each day.

For more on dropping your TV habit, check out this post by Kathy Sierra.

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Published: November 2, 2007Last updated: November 2, 2007

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