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How to Climb a Ladder

Say you want to climb a tall ladder. Here's the worst way to go about it: refuse to move until you find a way to teleport yourself straight to the top.

You have to take small steps. You put your foot on the first rung, check your balance, hold on tight, then push yourself up to the second rung. Then you put your foot on the next rung, check your balance, hold on tight, and push yourself up again.

Repeat however high you want to climb. Small amounts of progress add up.

Skipping a rung is foolhardy. Just focus on the next rung. Then the next.

Here's why this is important: every skill is a ladder. There's no shame in starting at the bottom. That's just how it works.

If you want to climb the ladder, you have to put your foot on the first rung.

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