The Personal MBA meets the 'Cranky Middle Manager'

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Wayne Turmel , host of the Cranky Middle Manager podcast , about the Personal MBA and a few of the books on the recommended reading list.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the show:

The Cranky Middle Manager Show is an irreverent but insightful look at the world of middle management. Host Wayne Turmel vents, offers humorous commentary and talks to the smartest people in the field about management techniques, career strategies and just keeping it together day after day. If you ever feel stuck between the idiots that make the decisions and the morons who won’t do as they’re told, this is the show for you.

I’m a big fan of Wayne’s show. He regularly interviews top-notch business thinkers, including Personal MBA-featured authors Erika Andersen and Nikos Mourkogiannis , and his shows are always both entertaining and insightful. I highly recommend subscribing to his RSS feed to be notified when new shows are published.

BONUS: At the end of the interview, you’ll learn about the next major Personal MBA-related project that’s currently in the works. Check out the interview for details!

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Published: October 17, 2007Last updated: October 17, 2007

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