September Masterclass + Nightingale-Conant

Three quick updates for you today…

Wildfire Update

I’ve posted an update to my Colorado wildfire post. Here’s the short version: we’re okay, and I didn’t lose my office or library. Here are the full details. Thanks for your support during this trying time.

Next Masterclass: September 13-15, 2012

Registration is now open for my next live Masterclass in Fort Collins, Colorado. This three-day masterclass is the best way to learn all of the most important ideas in business in as little time as possible.

This will be my fifth masterclass. After every masterclass, I ask participants for their feedback. Every single past participant has rated the masterclass a 9 or 10 on a scale of 0-## 10. If you’re familiar with the concept of a Net Promoter Score, that’s a grade of 100%, which is unheard of.

If you’re interested in attending the masterclass, I suggest enrolling now for three reasons:

  • Enrolling now saves you money. Statistically, this week is the least expensive week to book air travel for September 13th, so you’ll save money. For one week only, I’m also offering $1,000 off the full enrollment price, which should cover travel from pretty much anywhere in the world, as well as lodging in Fort Collins during the masterclass.
  • This will be the last masterclass I host this year, and potentially until late 2013, given the timing of my next book release.
  • This is a small group training, and there are only 15 seats available, full-stop. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

I’d love to see you in Fort Collins. Click the link below for all of the details:

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Nightingale-Conant Masterclass CD Set

If travel to Fort Collins isn’t in the cards for you, I’m pleased to offer a brand new alternative: a full recording of one of my past Masterclasses has been produced and released by Nightingale-Conant, one of the world’s top publishers of business and personal development audio material.

Nightingale-Conant doesn’t mess around: they’ve produced courses for Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie, Jay Abraham, and Brian Tracy, among others. I’ve purchased 12 home study courses from N-C myself over the years, and the value is always way, way more than the asking price. When N-C offered to produce this home study program, I agreed immediately, and I’m thrilled to partner with them to bring this course to you.

Nightingale-Conant’s audio engineers spent months transforming the Masterclass into a 16-CD home study course, and they’ve done a stellar job. I’ve been listening to the program since I received my pre-release copy, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I think you’ll find this home study edition of the Personal MBA Masterclass well worth your time and money.

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