What will you do post-Personal MBA?

Tom O’Dell , a member of the Personal MBA Community, is pondering a life after he’s read every Personal MBA recommended book :

I used to think that the by the time I’d finish the Personal MBA book list, reading twenty or thirty business and development books per year would become a bit of a lifestyle. And thus, I couldn’t really ever truly finish the Personal MBA.

While I still think it’s true that I won’t ever finish, I now question the utility of reading a large amount of material after a Personal MBA at anywhere near the pace that I’m doing so now.

I’m not saying I’ll stop reading - the learner in me certainly wouldn’t like that - but I’m starting to wonder how far outside of the Personal MBA reading list the law of diminishing returns applies.

There’s just so much incredible high-level wisdom in these books that I think I’d do pretty well even if I would never read another non-Personal MBA 2009 book in my life.

And the wisdom therein will certainly take me far longer to really grasp than the two and half years I’ve allotted to reading them.

Maybe I’ll find it best to spend most of my efforts trying to live that wisdom rather than spend too much time filling in the low-level gaps of knowledge.

What do you think your reading habits will be when you’ve finished the Personal MBA?

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Published: March 19, 2009Last updated: March 19, 2009

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