Reminder - CreativeLIVE Free Online Course April 4-5

The time has come: barring any further acts of god, I’ll be joining creativeLIVE in studio to teach a free two-day workshop on April 4-5. We’ll be covering the most important ideas behind the 5 Parts of Every Business: Value Creation, Marketing, Sales, Value Delivery, and Finance. If you enjoyed the Personal MBA book or audiobook, you’ll love this course.

This course is free to watch while we’re live in studio, and audience participation is a big part of the course. If you’ve ever wanted to ask me a specific question about your business, this is your opportunity.

As with the previous schedule, the course starts at 9:00am Seattle / Pacific Time (GMT ~~8) on April 4, 2013. Here’s a handy time zone converter to help you translate that into local time.

In addition, creativeLIVE is planning a free rebroadcast of the course immediately after we conclude each day, which will be around 4:00pm Seattle / Pacific time. The live chat won’t be available, since we won’t be in studio, but you’ll be able to access the video feed. For those of you halfway around the world who would need to wake up in the middle of the night to attend the first event, I hope this helps.

I also have three exciting new updates about the course:

Enroll Now for Free Bonus Content

If you like, you can watch the course free online on April 4-5 just by visiting no signup or email address required. If you formally enroll in the course, however, you get access to several valuable bonuses.

Here’s one example: if you’ve ever wondered how to create a useful financial report (or “profit & loss" statement) for a small business, I’ll show you the single-page financial statement I use for the businesses I run, and you’ll be able to download Excel and Pages templates to start using it right away.

If you enroll for free, you get the bonuses. If you don’t, you miss out, so if you’re planning to watch the course, you should enroll now.

Reduced Pricing for Recordings

If you want access to recordings of my creativeLIVE course, or you can’t make the live event but you’d like to watch later, creativeLIVE allows you to purchase the course recordings for a very reasonable price. Since everything free is subsidized, selling the recordings allows creativeLIVE to bring you high-quality live courses from top-notch instructors.

The original full price for this course was set at $249, which is very reasonable. I just got off the phone with CreativeLIVE, and we both wanted to make the course even more accessible if you’d like to watch it later. Here’s what we worked out…

If you order the course before we go live, you can purchase the recordings for $9## 9. That’s a screaming deal - it’s a little over 6% of what I typically charge for my live classes.

Even better, if you’re already one of the many people who have pre-ordered the course at a higher price, creativeLIVE will be crediting you the difference.

As I’ve said before, creativeLIVE is a fantastic organization that’s changing the way training is delivered online, and I’m proud to work with them to bring you these course recordings at a very low price.

NEW: The Personal MBA Workbook

One more thing: I’ve created a new workbook edition of The Personal MBA. The workbook contains a summary of all of the concepts we’ll be discussing, bonus questions to help you apply the material to your own business, and space for you to capture your own ideas and action plans.

To date, this workbook has only been available for students of my live training course, but I’m happy to announce that it will be available to you if you purchase the course recordings.

See you live on April 4-5

I’m looking forward to seeing you live this Thursday and Friday. If you have any questions, feel free to ping me on Twitter (@joshkaufman) or contact creativeLIVE support.

See you in the studio!

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Published: April 2, 2013Last updated: April 2, 2013

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