On the Classics

“There are some things that you wouldn’t improve upon, even if you could. Things that can’t be improved on, because they are just about as exquisite as anything gets. Things that appeal to our senses and sensibilities - like a perfect moment, a piece of music, a look, a creation - that we rely on to take us beyond standards. Things that soar above the level best.

These are the things we call ‘classics’. They bring a quiet magnificence into our homes and hearts. They often come from a time when people’s visions are clearer, when they can see the way through to truths about how we could live, and what we could achieve, if we combined equal parts wisdom, integrity, purpose, and love. Classics aren’t always lofty and unattainable; most of them are easily within our reach. And they teach us that though we can’t always add to the quantity of our lives, we can do wondrous things about their quality."

Douglas Pagels, writer

Published: October 21, 2006 Last updated: October 21, 2006

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