ChangeThis Manifesto Update

I’m happy to announce that the Personal MBA Manifesto has been updated at You can download it here.

Many moons ago, ChangeThis published the very first version of the Personal MBA Manifesto and Reading List, where it became one of the most downloaded manifestos in the site’s history, with over 1.28 million downloads since publication. Over the years, I updated these resources on this site, but ChangeThis still had the original version.

That’s no longer the case as of today. The updated edition contains the entire manifesto and every book the Personal MBA recommends. Thanks to Dylan Schleicher at 800-CEO-READ, you can now browse the Personal MBA’s book recommendations in a beautiful, print-worthy format.

In total, the updated Personal MBA Manifesto clocks in at a little under 100 pages, and you can download the PDF free.


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Published: September 13, 2012Last updated: September 13, 2012

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