How to Create a Personal Masterplan

It’s the beginning of February. If you’re like most people, you probably made a few New Year’s resolutions to improve your health, your relationships, your career, or your business.

We’re now a month into the New Year. Did you keep your resolutions? If you didn’t, it’s probably for a simple reason: you didn’t make a plan.

A Recipe for Achievement

To achieve anything you want in life, you absolutely mustto do three things:

  1. Identify what you really want (vs. what you think you want) and create a positive, immediate, concrete, and specific goal that captures that desire accurately.
  2. Focus your energy by deciding what’s most important right now and what can be done later.
  3. Create a simple plan to ensure your daily actions will ultimately lead to the accomplishment of your most important goals.

Each and every one of us has a few things we’d like to improve about our health, our relationships, our career, our business, and our opportunities for relaxation and fun. Creating a “Personal Master Plan" is the best way to stop dreaming and start doing.

Introduction to Personal Master Planning

A “Personal Master Plan" is a short document that captures what you want to achieve most within the next three years, then systematically breaks down those goals into the most important actions you need to take this week in order to achieve them.

Once you’ve created your Master Plan, planning your day is a simple matter of choosing 2-3 things to accomplish today from your weekly list, then doing them before you do anything else that day. If you follow this method, you’ll achieve your goals quickly and with ease.

During the past year, I’ve experimented with using a Personal Master Plan to guide my daily actions, and the results have been astonishing. After creating my plan, I knew exactly what I needed to do and why I needed to do it. As a result, I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m eating healthfully, meeting new people, doing good work, and the Personal MBA is growing every day.

Download The Personal MBA Guide to Personal Master Planning

To help you make this year your most productive year ever, I’ve created a special lesson about Personal Master Planning exclusively for members of the Personal MBA Insider. This short lesson will take you through the entire process of identifying your goals and creating your own master plan. Along the way, I’ll also teach you how to use two simple tools (Backpack by 37 signals and David Seah’s Emergent Task Planner ) to manage your plan and schedule your day.

Download (PDF) →

Creating a Personal Master Plan is one of the very best gifts you can give yourself this year: a clear vision of what you want and a plan to make your dreams a reality. I hope you find this guide informative and useful. Seize the day!

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