Amazon Kindle - An Extremely Promising Portable eBook Reader

Imagine having the entire Personal MBA business library on a single portable device with full-text search capability. Amazon just announced the launch of a new portable eBook reader, the Amazon Kindle , and I’m quite excited about it.

This little device promises to combine the best of paper books (small, light, clear text, easy to use) with modern Internet technology (search functionality, downloading any book in Amazon’s catalog via mobile wireless connection in 60 or less, searching Wikipedia, subscribing to blogs and newspapers, etc.) For more details about the device, as well as a few videos of the Kindle in action, check out the Kindle page on Amazon.

My Kindle should arrive sometime tomorrow. I’m planning to do a full review here on the Personal MBA blog as soon as possible, so stay tuned for details.

I’m making a conscious effort to reign in my expectations, particularly considering that this is first-generation device, but when you read (and own) as many books as I do, the Kindle has the potential to be a game-changer.

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